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Using Criminal Records in Job Screening

Recent Federal Guidelines on Preventing Discrimination It is nearly a given that employers will ask for an applicant’s criminal conviction record in the hiring process.  However, past guilt for a crime is not always a legitimate factor in the employment decision.  For example, a conviction for a decades-old traffic offense might well be irrelevant on […]

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Employee Theft Prevention and Handling

Proceed with Good Judgment The best handling for workplace theft is to prevent it in the first place. Suspected or alleged employee thievery – and an employer’s twin obligations to protect the group against an actual thief and to protect the accused from false charges — is a delicate challenge.  A company’s much more straightforward […]

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“Paid Time Off” (PTO) in California

Clear, Written Workplace Policies are Essential There is no California law requiring a business to pay its employees for time off work, whether for vacation, holidays, sick time, or any other reason.  However,  employers do commonly have policies and plans that provide such compensation.  Once a company opts to provide any such benefits, California does […]

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Defining Employee Commissions

All California Agreements Must be in Writing by 2013 As we have reported, in a few short months (by January 1, 2013), California Labor Code section 2751 will require all businesses to ensure employee commission agreements are in writing.  See, “Employee Sales Commissions: California Requires Written Agreements by End of 2012.” While it is a […]

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