Protect Workers from Injury – It’s the Law – and the Right Thing to Do

While installing solar panels for Nexus Energy Systems, Inc., one of its workers fell 15 feet, landing on concrete and breaking his wrist and jaw.  The resulting investigation yielded several Cal/OSHA citations, including one for a prior injury the company had not addressed, totaling $193,905.

Cal/OSHA found Nexus failed to safeguard workers from such mishaps, offered no prevention training and provided no effective heat illness protection.

On the prior incident (three months earlier), the agency ruled Nexus had neglected to investigate electrical burns suffered by another installer or to implement safety measures as a result.

In a public announcement, Cal/OSHA Deputy Chief of Enforcement Debra Lee stated: “Falls from roofs are often deadly, and that is why employers must protect their employees from fall hazards and provide effective training. This employer was aware of these dangers and ignored its responsibility to address them.”

While not all California employees work in such inherently dangerous conditions, every California employer must have an illness and injury prevention program. Online Cal/OSHA tools can help to create such a program.  Cal/OSHA also provides resources for avoiding various types of injuries as well as general safety.  For example, the agency publishes a construction industry brochure and offers training seminars.

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Helena Kobrin

July 19, 2019

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