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HR matters extraordinaire!
Timothy Bowles has assisted us with HR related matters for many years. We depend on him to advise us on the particulars of HR law as it applies to our business. I highly recommend this firm!

Most knowledgeable attorney you will ever get!
Tim impressed me with the years of experience with employment laws and practices. He is bold and stern with his decisions and suggestions. Tim saved us a lot of money in resolving our case through mediation versus going through trial which may cost us hundreds of thousands. His best interests are to protect his clients and to save them money. I highly recommend Tim as your attorney.

Great team to counsel employers in proper policies and practices!
Tim, Cindy and their team of experts were incredibly helpful! We were facing several unique situations with several employees. What I felt could have dragged on to more serious repercussions, the firm worked with me to for a quick and detailed action plan. We were able to properly neutralize the problem amicably, boost morale within the company, and provide a base to work from for prevention and proactive resolutions going forward. Great team to work with! While I hope I never have to call on Tim again…I will if I must!

Great attorney
Just a shout out to all employers out there! Mr. Bowles is an excellent choice. He has extensive knowledge about employment law. If you have concerns about honesty and integrity in your Attorney, he is a five star choice.

Exceptional employment lawyer
I worked closely with Cindy on several sensitive and potentially expensive employment disputes. In each case, Cindy was spot on with her strategy and thorough in her follow through and documentation. The outcomes were better than expected in each matter.

Excellent & professional Service
I received the legal papers we needed, all were in order and very easy to understand. I expected to spend forever getting through this package but they were so clear and neat it was done in a few hours. She also sent a detailed letter that then explained each document and what it was for. In addition, then referenced me on where to go for additional information I might need, just in case. This is 5 Star service. I would recommend this Lawyer to everybody. Thank you.

Review for Cindy Bamforth
Cindy has assisted our company with several tenuous business situations relating to personnel issues. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but her follow up is impeccable. Personally I’ve found Cindy to be friendly, helpful and a great communicator.

Efficient, dependable, knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
I worked with Ms. Kobrin for several years dealing with a variety of complex legal matters including contract law, copyright disputes, and litigation. During that time Ms. Kobrin was always available whenever I needed her and responded to any situation with speed and a well-rounded knowledge of the matter. I always felt I was in good hands and never had a doubt that any counsel given was well thought out, researched, and appropriate for the context of the situation.

Very effective handling
I hired Helena to help me prepare for a complex arbitration with ex-partners concerning 10 years of prior business. She was able to see immediately the claims were baseless. But being the one being charged it was difficult for me to sort fact from fiction and continue my daily job of management as well. Helena did an excellent job and found all the case law that fully defended my position and counter claim. As a result of the preparation the arbitration was fully handled in ONE DAY!!

Very satisfied with results!
Ms. Kobrin effectively resolved several legal matters for the organization that employs me. She quickly responded to the emails that I sent her and was readily available by phone as well. I was most impressed with Ms. Kobrin’s broad legal knowledge base and expertise. She worked on various legal projects for us and was always accurate with her advice and very skillful with her application of the law. I would recommend hiring Ms. Kobrin based off my experiences with her.

Employment forms and manuals:

I recently received a promo piece telling me about the Employee Manual and Hire-to-Fire forms that your office offers. I just wanted to let you know that our office had very recently purchased these items–and we are very pleased! Thanks you very much for a fine product, and please feel free to let us know of any other services that your office offers!

[The employee manual] creates very clear cut policy and stable datum for staff. So therefore, they know the rules of the game because they are written. It makes it easier to correct staff. They have a policy that they can be referred back to and they can’t hit you with ‘you’re picking on me, aka, you are discriminating against me’.


Unlawful harassment seminar:

I think in general that some people might not realize the subtle forms of harassment. I think I am better equipped to identify potentially negative environments, and I am also better informed as to how to respond to an employee with a complaint or concern. Your training is very clear and complete with relevant examples. I gained more competence in communicating and interacting with our employees. Thank you!

I had no idea how much judgment and opinion was involved in sexual harassment, and how many shades of grey there are. I feel quite confident that I can do my job and assist my co-workers to do their jobs by helping prevent sexual harassment in my workplace.

I will be able to recognize a potential harassment situation and stop it before things proceed too far…. I now know when lines should be drawn in the workplace.

Employment law seminar:

Great seminar. Very helpful. I was expecting a somewhat painful day of heavy and boring legal data re: employment law. But Tim, instead, gave an entertaining, interesting and very usable seminar chock full of data to help us avoid and handle future problems as my company expands.

Great fun, lively, down to earth, common sense and easy to understand. Thanks, Tim, for doing these!

I enjoyed the seminar! Many of my questions were handled, and several holes of knowledge were filled. I had no idea that the sick leave law was so involved and complicated. I will definitely need your help implementing this policy in the various companies. Thank you!

Lots of good data presented in a clear manner. Sometimes even entertaining! Thank you for your time.

This was a very good and informative seminar. I really liked the fact that I learned things that I was not aware that I didn’t know! I also got all my questions answered and feel more confident that I can do a better job.

This seminar was extremely valuable in giving the labor law data needed in a way that is understandable and by giving examples and samples. Thank you for this great seminar.

Very informative! I feel much more confident as an office manager. I will take this information and apply it to ensure the happiness of my employees and employers.

This was very informative and provided some answers on sticky questions that have stuck my attention. This seminar has helped put me in a more solid position to manage the company and employees.

This has been fantastic. It was a very informative session, very entertaining. I look forward to learning more.

Excellent seminar. Tim Bowles is a true professional. I now feel hope for protecting my company legally. Prior to this seminar I had many questions and unknowns, now I have some basic legal data with which to create. Thank you.

This was great! The seminar simplified complex employment issues. The examples and ongoing questions and answers brought up more issues than I thought of on my own. [It was] Very worth the time.

Thank you so much for delivering this seminar in such a concise manner. It was very easy to understand and very informative. I feel much more confident in handling our employees with this data.
I am also looking forward to implement new policies from the employee manual in accordance to the principals laid out. Thank you again.

This was a great seminar. I learned so much about what’s allowed and what isn’t when handling prospective employees. And, what’s important to safeguard your company against any potential future problems.


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