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While federal law establishes the minimum rights of most American employees, each U.S. state has the power to enact further, more stringent laws. California, widely known as an employee-friendly state, has some of the most extensive employment laws in the country. From hiring to firing, and all points in between, employers are required to comply with all such laws.

Bowles Law recognizes the vital role of business in society’s economic well-being and in enabling workforces and families to lead more meaningful, productive lives. Thus, we focus on safeguarding employers through the highest caliber of legal counseling, education and litigation defense. Our focus on providing the best management-side employment law Pasadena has available enables us to provide a level of personalized service unmatched by larger firms.

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—Protecting your rights—

Bowles Law was founded by Mr. Timothy Bowles, an award-winning employment law specialist that ranks among the top employment law attorneys California has available. Mr. Bowles and his team have successfully represented employers from an array of industries and in federal and California labor law matters since 1995. The firm’s employment law services include:

•Effective counseling for the rapid, favorable resolution of employee claims including discrimination, sexual and other harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination.
•Aggressive defense of employment-related lawsuits.
•Resolution of wage and hour claims, including exempt and non-exempt classifications.
•Effective legal actions to remedy employee theft, misuse of company assets, and employee misconduct.
•Implementation of appropriate workplace policies and procedures to reduce the potential of future complaints and to promote stable growth of the company.
•Practical seminars, conferences and instruction for managers on workplace legal basics, including discrimination and harassment awareness training and ways to seek remedies for the same.
•Custom employee handbooks.

There’s a saying that no-one likes lawyers … until you need one. While experienced and knowledgeable managers are usually capable of handling basic employment issues, there are pitfalls in the more complex or high stakes situations for which consultation with an employment and labor lawyer is probably a good move. The laws governing the workplace tend to change frequently. Companies can face formal complaints, liabilities and large attorney bills if potentially significant employee disputes or decisions are not recognized and resolved early. For instance:

Disciplinary investigations and decisions: Employers must act fairly and effectively in response to an accusation of wrongdoing. A company can face liability for failing to deal with a dishonest or destructive employee as it can for mistakenly concluding without an adequate inquiry that an innocent worker is guilty of such actions. An employment law attorney can help strike the proper balance and reach a fair decision, while management continues to maintain workplace productivity.

Threatened or actual court or administrative proceedings: If a current or former employee files or threatens to file any sort of lawsuit or complaint with a government agency, such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the California’s Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), it’s almost certainly time to contact an labor and employment attorney immediately. Charges of discrimination, harassment or wage and hour violations should be taken very seriously. Mishandling any such allegations from an employee could create a further assertion of workplace retaliation.

Employee contracts, including severance agreements: An experienced lawyer can create or review and strengthen employment-related agreements, including contracts at hiring or severance releases offered at termination. Poorly worded documents can create difficult and expensive disputes over interpretation later.

Workplace policies and handbooks: Comprehensive and up-to-date written employee policies, commonly maintained in a manual or handbook, are the foundation for legally-sound business and frequently a critical “ounce of prevention” against claims overcompensation, paid vacation and other benefits, workplace safety, acceptable employee conduct, the company’s ability to investigate into potentially private subject matters, and many other issues

Don’t hesitate to contact Bowles Law today for more information about our legal services and for access to our experienced employment law Pasadena team. You can either send us an email or give us a call to speak to one of our employer attorneys in California. We are always available to help you with anything you need.

We also represent employers in employment-related government investigations and audits. If you are already involved in a lawsuit, our attorneys are effective litigators. See our “Cases” for a partial list of results.

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If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

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