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New and Improved

We are proud to present a fully overhauled office website. In addition to updated attorney profiles, our firm’s experience and values, and available services, we offer a several pages on the history and evolution of employment law as well as a News section containing a fully compiled and indexed library of over 275 blog articles covering the legal basics and ongoing developments in nearly every aspect of workplace management and administration.

Visitors to our site are also able to quickly survey our approach to service in many employment- and business-related practice areas, including:

Employment Law for Employers
Employment Litigation Defense
Workplace Discrimination
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Unpaid Wage Claims
Business Law
Trademarks and Copyrights
Civil Litigation

The new site also contains a glossary of pertinent legal terms and a section with answers to Frequently Asked Questions in a host of workplace legal areas.

We hope you will find the new site of service to you. Please visit soon and relay any comments. Thanks very much to our developers Andrea Kluge and Alan Gilbertson of G&G Creative for all their hard work bringing the site to life.

Tim Bowles, April 30, 2015