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In-Person Interactive Training
Online Mouse Clicking?

Most employers with 50 or more on payroll know they are required to regularly provide workplace discrimination and harassment prevention training to their managers. See, California Government Code section 12950.1. With the marked rise in media-reported workplace sexual misconduct claims as a wake-up call, all businesses, no matter the number of employees, should ensure they are taking all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring.

Is it enough to provide online anti-harassment training, done at the manager’s desk, with inevitable distractions or while multi-tasking?

There are compelling reasons why a live, in-person group session for all of a company’s supervisors is the better choice. These include:

  1. Interaction with trainer and participants, with ability to apply principles to specific work conditions;
  1. Immediate answers to questions, benefitting all attendees;
  1. Employees pay closer attention;
  1. Role-playing opportunities;
  1. Updated materials in a rapidly developing field;
  1. Proper emphasis on relative importance;
  1. Customized and tailored areas of training;
  1. Preventative measures emphasized;
  1. Live training confirms company commitment to effectively addressing and preventing unlawful workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation; and
  1. By all feedback we’ve received, our sessions are engaging, even fun;

The Law Offices of Timothy Bowles provides California-mandated anti-harassment, -discrimination, and -retaliation training and education. We provide on-site seminars for a flat fee. Contact for more information and to schedule your seminar.

March 23, 2018