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Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful workplace discrimination, singling out individuals due to gender. Management and co-workers are all subject to such prohibition. Harassment is illegal whether aimed at men, women,  or individuals of the opposite or same sex. Examples of improper conduct include sexual jokes or innuendos, displaying images of a sexual nature, hindering another’s movements, or demanding inappropriate physical contact.

When an employer is charged with sexual harassment, management’s reaction may be fear, outrage or uncertainty.  Regardless of the claim’s validity, the employer’s response must adhere to federal and state anti-discrimination and anti-retaliation statutes.  If not, the company further jeopardizes its legal position.

The California Government Code also makes it unlawful for any California employer “to fail to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent discrimination and harassment from occurring.”  Therefore, to fully address harassment, an employer must educate its management and workforce on the meaning and scope of harassment laws, issue “zero tolerance” policies, and take to all other common sense steps to head off and eliminate such practices from the workplace.

Bowles Law is an employment law specialist with extensive experience defending management against harassment claims of all types. The firm was founded by its managing partner and employment law specialist, Timothy Bowles.  Mr. Bowles has earned an “AV Preeminent” rating from his peers—the highest recognition possible—based on his legal knowledge, experience, judgment and analytical capabilities. The popular legal website Avvo has also honored Mr. Bowles with its highest rating in employment law, based on his extensive experience, achievements and industry recognition.  Mr. Bowles and his team are committed to providing professional skills and results of the highest caliber.

This firm’s legal services in workplace harassment matters include:

  • Effective legal counseling to achieve the favorable resolution of sexual harassment disputes
  • Aggressive litigation defense
  • Implementation of sound workplace policies and procedures to safeguard employers and prevent future claims
  • Delivery of highly practical seminars and instruction to increase employee awareness and prevent sexual harassment
  • Custom employee handbooks

If you are already involved in litigation, Bowles Law has more than 80 years of civil court experience with an ongoing record of victories. Visit our “Representative Cases” page for a sampling of our work.

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