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Now Associating With The Firm “Of Counsel”

We are extremely pleased to announce that Helena Kobrin is now “of counsel” to our firm.  Helena was admitted to The Florida Bar in 1978, first specializing in transactional and commercial matters, as well as governmental regulation and real estate and probate work. 

Helena was then in-house attorney for several years for a large non-profit organization in Florida.  Moving to the Los Angeles area, joining the State Bar of California in 1991, and as partner in the Bowles & Moxon and then Moxon & Kobrin firms, Helena has since worked extensively on copyright, trademark and trade secret issues, contract review and drafting, bankruptcy, litigation, dispute resolutions, and much more.  

Starting in the 1990s, Helena was instrumental in establishing protections for copyrights and trademarks from Internet abuse. This included representation of plaintiffs in the first-ever copyright infringement suit over unauthorized online postings.  That case led to the passage of federal law that requires service providers to help copyright owners remove infringements from websites .  The law in turn protects service providers proactive in removing such unauthorized uses of copyrighted material online.

Helena’s 35 years of experience is now available to assist us and our clients in all of her various areas of practice.  We are of course very happy with this significant expansion of services now available to our clients.