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An employee handbook containing all legally required policies and procedures is an essential tool to protect employer and employee alike.  Bowles Law has developed – and periodically revises to match the changing law – a template “soup-to-nuts” employee handbook to serve as the foundation of a finalized set of workplace policies customized for a client’s actual operations and legal obligations.  The larger the number a company employs, the more state and federal employment law applies. A particularly significant threshold is at 50 or more persons on payroll, with a business then subject to a number of detailed “medical and family” leave obligations.  Accordingly, we offer a “short form” template employee handbook for companies employing under 50 people (both full time and part time) and a “long form” template for companies with 50 or more on payroll.

Whether a client utilizes our template or its own existing employee handbook as a starting point, ensuring your company’s handbook actually fits the business’s operations is a collaborative process between your management and our handbook specialist, a veteran attorney with extensive knowledge in federal and California compliance issues.  Our specialist first interacts with your management to establish or confirm the company’s current employment law requirements and concerns. The handbook is then customized and/or updated, in coordination with your designated executive(s), to specifically address those points.  Common subjects include:

  • At-will employment
  • Employee status and classification, including preliminary/probationary and regular employment
  • Prohibitions on unlawful harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Company rules and standards of conduct
  • Employee compensation
  • Employee benefits, including paid or unpaid vacation, holiday, etc.
  • Job performance
  • Qualifications for paid and unpaid leave
  • Mutual termination rights
  • Job-related illness or injury

We provide your template “short form” or “long form” employee manual in hard copy and in electronic format to enable the necessary revisions to match specific company operations.

We also offer template “short form” or “long form” employee manuals for states other than California.

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The template employee handbook, “short form” or “long form,” California or other states, is available for a $300 service fee. Fees vary for consultation with our lawyers to develop or update an employee handbook to fit a client company’s operations. Contact Bowles Law for pricing or to place your order.