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We have developed (and update as needed) a “California” and an “other states” package of the following basic hire-to-fire forms and policies. We encourage you to use these forms and policies to greatly improve your company’s legal protection in employment screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other aspects of personnel management.

The forms and policies package includes:

    1. Employment application (including releases that acknowledge an employer’s use of pre-employment skills and job traits tests within the limits set by federal and state law and, for  California, this state’s constitutional privacy protections) with accompanying form job description
    2. Pre-employment procedures policy, properly positioning the above tests as aimed at job-related qualities rather than physical or mental disabilities.
    3. Employment agreement, establishing “at will” employment status, confirming obligations to comply with company policies and procedures (including required training) and specifying worker confidentiality/non-disclosure obligations for company trade secrets and other proprietary information).
    4. Mandatory mediation and arbitration agreement (confirming employer-employee disputes will be addressed and resolved outside the court system).
    5. Job and career advancement training policy and acknowledgment (setting out the standards and rules for these actions).
    6. Work hours, meal and rest period acknowledgment form (for use to confirm worker accuracy in reporting hours and access to legally directed meal and rest periods)
    7. Termination procedure memo, checklist and standard releases (to be applied in appropriate circumstances to guide an employment termination process to a mutually satisfactory conclusion).

The template forms package, whether for California or other states, is available for a $150 service fee. Fees vary for consultation with our lawyers to develop or update hire-to-fire forms to fit a client company’s operations. Contact Bowles Law for pricing or to place your order.