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As an employment law office, does your firm represent employers facing disputes with current or former employees?

Yes. Since its inception, this firm has specialized in assisting and representing employers and management on every aspect of personnel management. This includes implementation of sound workplace policies promoting efficiency and coordination within the law as well as consultation on the resolution of employee upsets or disruption due to claims of sexual or other harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination,  unpaid wages  and other allegedly improper workplace practices.

Does your firm represent employers in employment litigation?

Yes.  Our firm has more than 80 years of combined civil court experience. We defend employers against claims of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination, unpaid compensation and other workplace issues.  We also counsel management on preventative measures against future litigation.

As an employment law office, does your firm represent workers asserting claims against their employers?

No. As it presents a potential conflict of interest with its management-side employment practice, this firm does not represent individual employees on workplace-related matters. However, on inquiry from an employee with evident good faith claims, the firm will apply its best efforts to refer him or her to other counsel that specialize in such representation.

Can you help us determine what we should pay our workers as independent contractors or employees?

Yes.  With recent changes in the California Labor Code imposing escalating penalties and required public notices by violators, business’s proper classification of independent contractors and employees is more critical than ever.  While the California Employment Development Department website provides some good base information, the proper determination of independent contractor or employment status is a highly specific process that varies from workplace to workplace as well as from case to case. We regularly assist businesses and managers with this important analysis.

We feel we should terminate a problem employee but are unsure of employers' rights to accomplish this. Can you help?

Yes. Employee termination is frequently a very difficult and sensitive process. We often help management to maximize the prospect that the completion of even a very volatile employment relationship is accomplished smoothly and without the backlash of expensive, time-consuming litigation.

Can you help a business determine if its overtime pay system is correct?

Yes. This firm regularly helps employers with compliance with federal and state minimum wage and overtime rules, including the proper classification of  “exempt-from-overtime” and non-exempt employees.

Can you help my business with any workers’ compensation claim?

Yes, by referral.  There are very few such claims that are not covered by an employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier. In the rare instance where a business does not have such coverage, this firm can refer that company to lawyers specializing in this area.