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2016 Handbooks and Forms Now Available

Model Employee Handbook
and Hire-to-Fire Forms for 2016
Available Now

Law Offices of Timothy Bowles, P.C. is now offering 2016 editions of its model employee policy handbooks and hire-to-fire forms.

We strongly suggest that all employers have a well-written, up-to-date employment handbook. A current, thorough employee policy manual (handbook) and complementary written internal procedures and forms covering all major aspects of the workplace relationship permits managers and rank-and-file workers alike to know where they stand.

The court dockets are full of employment-related lawsuits that defendant companies could have prevented with clearly written and uniformly applied policy in compliance with current law.

An outdated handbook can cause its own set of problems.

Our 2016 model employment handbook contains significant revisions to keep pace with new laws and recent case decisions.

We offer versions of our 2016 employee handbook for California and for other states as well as for companies of any size.

Our updated 2016 model forms include employment applications, arbitration agreement, contract for at-will employment, paid sick leave policies, termination documents and more.

Contact client service representative Neo Jade for pricing and order information at registrar@tbowleslaw.com.

Published March 7, 2016