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REQUIRE NEW NOTICES Continuing the trend of escalating minimum wage laws, numerous cities and one county in California increased their minimum wage effective July 1, 2016. See, for example, our blogs on San Francisco, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Los Angeles City, and Los Angeles County.  The laws vary in their application to smaller and larger employers, […]

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Changing Times Department:

New Definition of Spouse Under Federal Family Medical Leave Act Now Includes Same Sex Couples Prior to 2013, same sex spouses had no FMLA leave benefits regardless of whether their residence state recognized same sex marriages. However, U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in U.S. v. Windsor struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act which […]

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Harassment in the Workplace is Illegal Prevention is the only viable solution Current regulations tighten trainer qualifications and impose heightened interactivity requirements, including questions that assess learning, skill-building activities and numerous hypothetical scenarios about harassment with follow-up discussion questions. We are offering an updated in-house, two-plus hour seminar, at your location, that will fulfill these […]

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Upcoming Seminar: Introduction to Employment Law

We believe employer education is the key to success when aligning legal strategy with company expansion and success. We encourage our clients to learn their legal basics well so as to greatly improve their legal protection. This education should include employment documentation basics, screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other related issues. Designed for concerned business […]

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No Protection from Workers’ Compensation Requirements

California Employers Must Carry On-the-Job Injury Insurance California businesses must carry workers’ compensation insurance for every employee, even just one. Group or personal health insurance is not a substitute. Workers’ compensation is oldest social insurance program in the U.S., adopted by most states in early part of the 20th century.  The coverage is intended to […]

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“On-Call” Employees in California

Some Workers Must be Paid for Waiting Patience is a virtue, but it may also be a business cost.  Depending on the circumstances, a company may be required to pay an hourly employee waiting for the call to come to work.  California and federal law recognize the various distinct situations: – On-Premises Standby:  An employee […]

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