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Model Employee Handbook and Forms; COVID-19 Policies

As many California employers welcome back workers laid off by pandemic conditions, best practices include ensuring policies and forms are up-to-date. We are daily guiding managers through this process with particular eye on sound COVID-19 protocols.

Our model forms include:

  • Pandemic recovery and prevention procedures;
  • Paid sick leave benefits under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and other federal and California requirements;
  • Employment application and accompanying job description template (including key provisions for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and California’s constitutional privacy protections);
  • Pre-employment procedures policy (properly positioning the process to meet changing legal requirements, some as recent as July 1, 2020);
  • Employment agreement (including confidentiality/non-disclosure of company trade secrets);
  • Alternative dispute resolution agreement (also properly setting terms to match changing standards for private mediation and arbitration in lieu of court action);
  • Meal and rest period acknowledgments (confirming employer provision of required breaks); and
  • Termination policy, checklist and standard release (to be applied as appropriate for greater protection against later, preventable suits).

Our comprehensive model employee handbook now includes (but is not limited to):

  • Conditions of company employment, including mutual “at-will” termination rights;
  • Discrimination and harassment, prevention and handling (including new standards stemming from government response to COVID-19 conditions);
  • Employee compensation;
  • Employee benefits;
  • Employee job performance;
  • Limits of employee privacy, including legitimate employer access to employee-maintained databases and social media guidelines;
  • Paid and unpaid leaves;
  • Workplace health and safety;
  • Job-related injury or illness, including prevention plan priorities; and
  • Drug and alcohol policy, including testing,


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July, 2020