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Written Employment Policies Are Vital

Minimum Necessary Published Guidelines for a Thriving Workplace

Few conditions can kill business morale and production faster than the absence of a written set of workable policies and related forms (e.g., employment application, confidentiality provision). A current, thorough set of written internal procedures covering all major aspects of the employment relationship permits each manager and rank-and-file worker to know where he or she stands. Without well-crafted, up-to-date, available and understood written policy guidelines, managers can unwittingly overstep their bounds, potentially creating upheaval with arbitrary human resources decisions. See, “Why Written Policy is Good Policy, Reduce the Chances of Workplace Lawsuit Disaster by Proper Forms, Policy Handbook

Businesses should implement and maintain written workplace policies and forms that cover the scope of the employment relationship. Companies should review and update their policies at least annually, since laws and regulations frequently change. For example, our 2015 hire-to-fire forms and employee policy manual packages contain significant revisions to keep abreast of new laws and recent case decisions. See also, “Court Case Prevention Measure: The 2015 Changes to Model Employment Handbook.” These changes include:

• New California employment forms checklist for an overview of the state and federal forms, policies and notices to distribute to new hires;

• New language in the form employment application confirming that any requests for disclosure of criminal felony or serious criminal misdemeanor convictions are limited to those relevant to the job position;

• Expanded job description template to accompany employment application specifying a position’s required skills and training as well as its essential functions;

• Templates for the new mandatory paid sick leave benefits policy with specific rules governing accrual, carry-over and use of such benefits as required by California’s Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act. See, “Mandatory Paid Sick Leave For California Employees.”

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Cindy Bamforth, March 5, 2015