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We have developed and frequently update and refine “California” and “other states” packages of the following basic hire-to-fire forms and policies. We encourage you to use and adapt these forms and policies to improve your company’s procedures and legal protections in employment screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other aspects of personnel management.

The California forms and policies package includes:

California Employment Forms Overview: A summary of the necessary and recommended forms, policies and notices we are providing or otherwise available by specified internet links.

Employment Application, with Job Description Template: This form includes a series of applicant acknowledgments on the employer’s terms for application and hiring, including compliance with California and federal standards for disability accommodation as well as the reasonable balance between the employer’s right to inquire for job traits and skills and the applicant’s privacy protections.

Conditional Job Offer and Criminal History Inquiry: This form is significantly revised for California’s 2018 restrictions on the use of an applicant’s criminal record to deny employment.

Pre-Employment Advertising, Screening and Interviews Policy: This template properly positions pre-employment job traits testing and other processing as help in finding the best qualified candidate(s).

Employment Agreement: This document confirms, among other things, worker confidentiality obligations on company client/customer/patient lists and other trade secret and proprietary information.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreement: Mindful of the latest high court decisions closely regulating such agreements, this form provides terms mediating or arbitrating disputes instead of involving on and mutual arbitration in lieu of jury trials.

Invention Assignment Agreement: This form is for companies working in fields of technology invention, innovations, etc.

Proficiency and Career Training Policy and Acknowledgment: This template provides rules and protocols for company-sponsored training, including programs for a worker’s needed job skills and for career advancement.

Employee Record-Keeping and Rest-Meal Breaks Acknowledgment: Monthly use of this form documents an employee’s accurate timekeeping of hours worked as well as provision of state-mandated paid rest breaks and unpaid meal periods.

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Company Policy: This template confirms not only an employee’s receipt of new or modified employment forms, policies, pamphlets and notices but also her/his obligation to know and apply the workplace standards specified within them.

Paid Sick Leave Benefit Guidelines and Policy: This series of instructional memoranda and implementation forms assists management navigate the intersecting and sometimes conflicting California and local municipal rules on mandatory paid sick leave benefits.

Severance Pay Summary and Attachments: This set of protocols and forms includes a checklist and template letter and release agreement for severance packages sometimes offered workers at termination.

The template forms package, whether for California or other states, is available for a $150 service fee. Fees vary for consultation with our lawyers to develop or update hire-to-fire forms to fit a client company’s operations. Contact Bowles Law for pricing or to place your order. Prices subject to change.

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If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

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