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The Law Offices of Timothy Bowles is an experienced firm representing employers exclusively. We work from two stark realities: First, executives and managers can become their own worse enemies out of misconception or ignorance of constantly evolving workplace laws. Second, and particularly in lawsuit-happy California, competent, experienced defense counsel is essential whether facing an employee’s good faith claim, or a worker’s attempt to sacrifice the truth and integrity to obtain an extortive settlement. With over 100 years of combined experience, Bowles  Law is a well-seasoned firm which strives to provide an unparalleled level of client communication, care and attention.


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I contacted the Law Office of Timothy Bowles as I was dealing with a potentially touchy situation with an employee that could have turned into an ugly law suit. Without getting into details—I was impressed with the firm’s knowledge, service, and professionalism. We averted the crisis. I am extremely happy with the results.


This is an amazing law firm. Their knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed and their integrity refreshing at a time when we all have horror stories about attorney overbilling. They give responsive and personalized service. I highly recommend them for your employment law needs.


This law firm has been very instrumental in the success of my business. Their fast service and attention to detail has made the often confusing world of California human resources simple and easy to navigate. I cannot thank them enough for their continued services.


I had a serious legal situation: both my company, and I personally, were erroneously being sued for damages. The circumstances were complicated and confusing. I’m glad that I was referred to the law offices of Tim Bowles. Timothy Bowles and his team took my case on and successfully guided me through the complications and barriers. We reached a resolution in short order, avoiding great time and expense, and thus allowing me to get back to the positive aspects of my life and business. This is a very organized and efficient team. Glad they were on my side.


The best ever. I went through three other firms before finding your firm. Seriously the best employment lawyers out there. I could not run my business without your services. If you are a business owner you need these professionals on your side. Timothy Bowles is remarkable.


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