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Employment Law Seminars
& California Harassment Training

Annual “What’s New” Employment Law Seminars/Webinars

Each January and February, Bowles Law offers this one-day interactive session for business owners, executives, and human resources staff. Attendees cover the inevitable changes and expansions of workplace law for the coming year in the context of the vital legal basics, all essential to effective business management and expansion planning. 

Notable recent changes include pandemic-driven workplace health and safety standards as well as expanded workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation protections, and across-the-boards harassment prevention training for supervisors and rank-and-file workers alike.

The session includes the latest Bowles Law updates on its template employee handbook, policies and forms. 

Harassment Prevention, Investigation & Resolution Seminars/Webinars

Every two years, California employers with five or more on payroll must provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive sexual harassment training and education to all California supervisory employees and at least one hour of such training to all nonsupervisory employees.

Employers must also provide such training within six months of a worker’s hire or promotion to a supervisory position.

The required instruction includes: ● information and practical guidance on federal and state standards to prevent, correct and remedy sexual harassment; ● “practical examples aimed at instructing supervisors in the prevention of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation”; and ● prevention of abusive conduct.

From 15 years of classroom-style delivery, our live webinar training suits on-site and remote workers alike.  We track each employee’s interaction and attentiveness and aim through Q&A to achieve each participant’s thorough understanding of the materials.


Live classroom-style interactive webinars are superior to point-and-click e-training.


  • Real time interaction with trainer over Zoom, with ability to apply principles to specific work conditions;
  • Immediate answers to questions, benefitting all attendees on the webinar;
  • Employees will be called on randomly throughout, which means they typically pay closer attention;
  • Live training confirms company commitment to effectively addressing and preventing unlawful or inappropriate workplace conduct;
  • Proper emphasis on importance of information relative to specific scenarios; and
  • By the bulk of feedback we’ve received, our live sessions are engaging and interesting.


Client testimony:

“This year, I decided to try your in-person anti-harassment training seminar instead of the Cal-Chamber online tutorial.  Although the price difference was significant, I felt a certain loyalty to Tim Bowles for his help over the years and had decided that “me feeling good” would make up for the cost difference.  Loyalty aside, the in-person seminar was SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE than I ever anticipated and worth every penny!  The interaction with Cindy Bamforth allowed the staff to share important issues, encounters and experiences that I, as the employer, had no idea existed.  We diverged from the outline to discuss matters that are unique to my business.  The important issues that were raised would never have come up had it not been for an in-person presentation.  That those concerns were discussed as a group and with an attorney present made the seminar a tremendously valuable experience.  See you in two years!”

Updated material, with proper emphases. High quality live training will provide up-to-the-minute changes in a legal area that is constantly changing. An experienced trainer will appropriately emphasize the essential information attendees must know, with illustrations to demonstrate real-life consequences. The value of bringing the material home to busy managers and other employees in this manner could well be incalculable.

Customized areas of training. An experienced live-session trainer can also provide requested custom training on other discrimination- or harassment-related topics beyond the standard sex- and gender-oriented curricula. Live training also enables sessions customized for managers and others customized for non-managerial employees.

Training can be tailored to meet the group’s needs. Some may have not received prior harassment training. Others may have received many prior training sessions. By surveying the attendees in advance, a qualified live trainer can ensure the material is presented in a way that is neither too elementary nor too complex. In a mixed group of experienced and non-experienced trainees, the experienced instructor can blend both basic and applied material so that all are serviced.

Preventative measures emphasized.  Preventable employment claims can result in eyebrow- or even hair-raising awards. Live training can more effectively impart steps to prevent harassment from occurring as well as drive home the deleterious results that can occur by mishandling or ignoring complaints. Based on participatory remarks during the live training, a company’s management may also become aware of problem areas or attitudes that it needs to rectify.

Live training confirms the company’s commitment to effectively address and prevent improper conduct. By having a qualified attorney conduct live training within the deadlines set by law, a company underscores and confirms its zero-tolerance commitment of workplace harassment, discrimination and retaliation.

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