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Workplace Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination, Analysis and Counseling

Workplace discrimination occurs when an employee or prospective employee is treated unfavorably on the basis of sex, race, national origin, disability or any other of a host of  classifications protected by law.

For example, state and federal law bars many employers from discriminating against an individual on the basis of gender. Generally then, no employer may decline or grant employment or make any other related decision—including training, advancement, pay level, benefits, discipline and termination—because the individual is a woman or a man.

Armed with the knowledge and experience necessary,  Bowles Law regularly and efficiently reviews and analyzes such claims for its management-side clients to reach the intended prompt and fair outcomes.  

Another type of discrimination is management “retaliation,” illustrated by the following example: A female employee alleges to management that she has been the victim of sexual harassment by her supervisor. A month or two later, the female employee fails to receive an expected promotion. She claims management has retaliated for her previous discrimination claim by denying her the promotion. She now has further “evidence” to back her claim.

Discrimination is illegal and when it occurs in the workplace, the employer is legally liable if any such claims are proven. When a company is charged with discrimination by an employee or prospective employee, its response must meet state and federal guidelines which are typically unknown to management. Furthermore, to protect the company against future claims, management must implement preventative internal measures.

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