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Big Stick Diplomacy:

Employee Discipline Policies Then-New York Governor Teddy Roosevelt probably summed up politics, diplomacy, and personnel management with his line: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”  Some suggestions: ● Management is Part of the Solution, Not the Problem – In the face of reported misconduct, a personnel manager should always proceed […]

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Written Salary Agreements and Overtime

California Appeals Decision Confirms Salary Agreements for Hourly Employees That Foreclose Overtime Claims A February 7, 2011 California Court of Appeal decision permits explicit written salary wage agreements for hourly workers that include overtime compensation within that set weekly amount. In Arechiga v. Dolores Press, a former employee sued for alleged unpaid overtime.  Working as […]

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The Many Faces of Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment rightfully gets the bulk of attention when drafting prevention and reporting policies or training employees on proper workplace conduct.  However, managers should not stop there.  In California, there are as many as ten other types of harassment claims that businesses must do everything reasonably possible to prevent. Workplace “harassment” can be broadly defined […]

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Being Unemployed Just Got Harder

EEOC Investigates Discrimination Against the Unemployed A recent trend in on-line job ads has caught the attention of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  That agency is holding hearings at their Washington D.C. headquarters today on why some businesses are choosing to exclude the unemployed from consideration for job openings. Lines like “must be […]

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Pregnancy Disability Leave

California Employers’ Obligations It has been said that death and taxes are the only two sure things in life but man, those people ought to cheer up.  After all, you don’t even get to all that “death is inevitable” drivel without love (hopefully), sex (rock & roll optional), pregnancy and childhood.  California supports the pregnancy […]

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Caring for Caregivers

Hiring Help the Right Way Families can sometimes have some very expensive misconceptions about California’s rules for hiring a private, live-in caregiver.   For starters, it is never a good idea to have verbal “handshake” agreement to compensate through a combination of money, housing and/or meals.  Common mistakes include: Presuming the caregiver fits the California definition […]

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Oh No You Didn’t!

Wrongful Termination of At-Will Employees Theory is one thing, practice another. In theory, “at-will” employment means neither employer nor employee are obligated to continue the relationship for any period of time.  Either may terminate for any reason or for no reason at all, with or without advance notice. In practice, some company executives and personnel […]

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Rude Awakenings

Sounding the Alarm on Off-The-Clock Work We are lawyers, not magicians. Yet, we have received perhaps more than our share of requests to turn back time.  If only that employer client could have it all back, to start out the right way on workplace timekeeping and compensation practices. While we cannot put the proverbial toothpaste […]

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