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Bloomberg Gender Discrimination Claims Dismissed

Court Rules Childbearing is a Life Choice Not Entitled to Special Treatment or Extra Benefit A New York federal judge has dismissed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) effort to bring a “motherhood”-based class action suit against financial and media services giant Bloomberg L.P..  The judge found the EEOC failed to demonstrate sufficient common factual […]

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The Equal Pay Act

Equal Work = Equal Pay The 1963 federal Equal Pay Act (EPA) requires employers to pay men and women equally for performing the same, or essentially the same, work. While the law is worded neutrally (it is just as unlawful to underpay either gender), Congress enacted the EPA to remedy the long-standing pay discrimination against […]

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Pre-Employment Background Checks

Respecting Privacy while Obtaining Necessary Info Hiring outside vendors to conduct pre-employment background checks into any criminal record, bad credit history and/or other matters is a common tool for an employer’s informed hiring decisions. Federal and California laws cover the procedures for such checks, designed to balance a company’s right to research and obtain relevant […]

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Required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California Businesses

Every two years, California employers who employ fifty or more employees, including temps and independent contractors, must provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees.  The training must be interactive and cover all aspects of harassment awareness, prevention and resolution.  Our upcoming training seminars are updated on the current law and […]

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California Overtime Rules Apply to Non-Resident Employees

The California Supreme Court has ruled that the state’s overtime requirements apply to work performed in California by non-residents. In Sullivan v. Oracle Corp., three non-resident Oracle employees worked in California as instructors and trained Oracle’s customers in the use of the company’s products.  They sued the California-based company for underpayment of compensation under this […]

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