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California’s Exemptions from Overtime Pay

California’s workplace overtime rules do not apply to those workers who qualify for exemption under one or more categories, including: ● Executive Exemption:  Executive employees are exempt from overtime if paid on a salary (current minimum is $640 per week; $2,773.33 monthly) and if primarily (over 50%) engaged office or non-manual management of at least […]

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Working Overtime in California

Basic Rules and Rates for Weekly or Daily Hours California requires employees who are not “exempt” receive overtime pay for time worked beyond forty hours in any one workweek or after eight hours in a workday. A “workweek” is any seven consecutive days, starting with the same calendar day each week beginning at any hour […]

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Commissions for Terminated Employees

Clearly Written Agreements are the “Ounce” of Prevention Commissions payable to former employees present a special set of issues for California business.  The importance of actions to prevent disputes increases over 2012 as the state will require all employee commission agreements to be in writing by December 31. See, “Employee Commissions” California requires that all […]

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Workplace MIAs

Termination for Absence or Lateness As “at-will” status permits either the employer or the employee to freely end the relationship even with no advance notice and for no reason at all, obviously a business can legitimately terminate an “at-will” worker for not showing up or for being late.  However, there are some practical considerations. Normally, […]

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California Wage Theft Protection Act

State Reveals Its Template for Notice to All Newly Hired Employees Our October 21, 2011 blog “Added Notice Requirement for California Employers” alerts employers to a required notice to newly hired workers, effective January 1, 2012, specifying basic but vital information.  Under the Wage Theft Protection Act (Assembly Bill [A.B.] 469), the notice must include: […]

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