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Employee Road Trips and Other Work-Related Expenses

California Businesses Must Reimburse for Employment-Related Use of Personal Vehicles, Phones and More A California employer must reimburse the expenses its workers “necessarily” incur as part of their jobs (Labor Code Section 2802). On the other hand, a business generally has no such obligation for an employee’s costs that enables him or her to appear […]

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Termination, Misconduct and Unemployment Benefits

Refusal to Sign a Disciplinary Memo Disqualifies a California Worker In California, an employee terminated for “misconduct” is disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.  In Paratransit Inc. v. Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (Medeiros) (May 31, 2012), the Court of Appeal found an employee’s declining to sign a “receipt” line at the bottom of a disciplinary notice […]

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Progressive Discipline in the Workplace

Nice Idea, But Don’t Promise The wisdom of implementing a progressive discipline policy – imposing ever greater consequences upon an employee’s repeated misconduct – would seem a personnel management no-brainer.  After all, it’s only fair to give an errant but largely productive employee a second or third chance.  It would also be poor judgment for […]

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Age Discrimination in Employment

EEOC Supplies New Rules that May Limit Claims A business subject to the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) (those with 20 or more persons on payroll) must ensure it terminates, disciplines or denies benefits to any “older” employee (40 years or more) on “reasonable factors other than age ” (RFOA). Workplace discrimination claims […]

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