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Setting and Calculating Compensation for Job-Related Travel Time A California worker recently asked how his employer should pay him for job-related travel time expended before and then after a full eight hours of labor at a remote location. He wrote: “If I drove 5-1/2 hours, then worked 8, then drove 5 more hours, wouldn’t my […]

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2013 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California Businesses

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers is required for 2013.  Attend the seminar on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 held at Jackie Robinson Community Center located in Pasadena, CA at 1020 N. Fair Oaks Ave. California businesses employing 50 or more workers, including temps and independent contractors, must provide a minimum of two hours of sexual […]

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When California Employers Must Pay for Worker Time Waiting for the Call A California worker recently asked us through the blog site whether his employer should pay for his “stand-by” or “on-call” time.  He wrote, in part: “On some days, we are expected to be on-call for certain shifts … The sign posted at the store informs […]

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