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Ain’t No Such Thing as a “Free Call”

Employer Must Pay Portion of Employee’s Unlimited Data Plan for Work-Related Calls The California Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of employee Colin Cochran on his class action lawsuit on behalf of 1,500 customer service managers against Schwan Home Service for reimbursement for work-related use of personal cell phones. Cochran v. Schwan’s Home Service, […]

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The Annals of Copyright Number 2

You May Have a Copyrighted Work and Don’t Know It If you have ever written a story, poem, novel, essay, research paper, or song, taken a photograph or video, performed music, or been in a play or a film, you were at some point a copyright owner. However, you may not still own those rights […]

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Brinker Case Settles for $56 Million

California Restaurant Workers Settle High Profile Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit After waging a 10-year legal battle, Brinker Restaurant Corp., the parent company for Chili’s and Maggiano’s restaurant chains, has settled its wage and hour class action lawsuit. On August 6, 2014, the parties reached a preliminary agreement to resolve all 120,000 class members’ […]

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What Is Intellectual Property?

Have you ever created anything? Invented something? Designed something? Created a logo or a name that identifies your products or services? Written a song? Painted a picture? Taken a photograph? Perhaps you are a sculptor or a songwriter or you write blogs or screenplays. If you’ve done any of these things, then you have owned […]

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Banned Box and Beyond

San Francisco Employers Must Give Former Convicts a Fighting Chance Joining a growing movement of 12 states and more than 60 cities with “ban the box” laws, i.e., deleting the typical criminal history check box often seen on employment applications, San Francisco’s Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO) goes into effect August 13, 2014. Arguably the strictest […]

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