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Oakland Paid Sick Leave Law Provides Greater Benefits Than the Upcoming State Requirements

Measure Took Effect March 2, 2015 Effective March 2, 2015, Oakland’s paid sick leave ordinance (Measure FF), requires employers to provide paid sick leave benefits to part-time, full-time and temporary employees who perform at least two hours of work in a particular workweek within the city limits. This new law provides benefits greater than those […]

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Changing Times Department:

New Definition of Spouse Under Federal Family Medical Leave Act Now Includes Same Sex Couples Prior to 2013, same sex spouses had no FMLA leave benefits regardless of whether their residence state recognized same sex marriages. However, U.S. Supreme Court’s 2013 decision in U.S. v. Windsor struck down the federal Defense of Marriage Act which […]

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Oakland Minimum Wage Escalates to $12.25

 Rate Effective March 2, 2015 Starting March 2, 2015, employers (regardless of where located) must pay wages of at least $12.25 per hour to each employee who performs work within Oakland, California (including part-time employees). This minimum wage requirement, pursuant to Measure FF and set forth in Oakland Municipal Code section 53.92.020, applies to any […]

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Shall the Fog Be Forever Forsaken?

California Labor Commissioner Again Attempts to Resolve Questions on New Paid Sick Leave Benefits Law As we covered in Mandatory Paid Sick Leave for California Employees, all companies with employees working in California are subject to this state’s paid sick leave law (Assembly Bill [AB] 1522), effective July 1, 2015. AB 1522 requires each employer, […]

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Written Employment Policies Are Vital

Minimum Necessary Published Guidelines for a Thriving Workplace Few conditions can kill business morale and production faster than the absence of a written set of workable policies and related forms (e.g., employment application, confidentiality provision). A current, thorough set of written internal procedures covering all major aspects of the employment relationship permits each manager and […]

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