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Sick Pay Ordinance Epidemic Spreads to San Diego

New Measure Adds Yet More Uncertainty to Employer Obligations   California employers must comply with all applicable state and supplemental local sick pay laws.  In the latest trend sweeping the state, Southern California municipalities including Los Angeles, Santa Monica and now San Diego have rushed to enact their own sick pay ordinances, leaving employers with […]

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City of Los Angeles New Paid Sick Leave Requirements Effective July 1, 2016

Ordinance Requires Double the Benefits California Law Currently Specifies On June 1, 2016, the City of Los Angeles (City) joined the list of California cities that have enacted their own paid sick leave ordinances, including for example Emeryville, Oakland, San Francisco and Santa Monica.  This law will impose double the minimum paid sick leave requirements […]

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Extended, Extremely Urgent Deadline

Home Health Care Organizations Last Chance to Continue Operations After June 30, 2016 California Agency Now Directs Applications Must Be Received before July 1   California’s Home Care Organization Consumer Protection Act (the Act) required all home care agencies to apply by March 1, 2016 in order to obtain by July 1, 2016 an operating […]

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How to Find the Qualified Candidates  Without Violating Their Rights   Conducting job interviews is no easy task.  In addition to weeding out clearly unsuitable candidates such as those described below, the interviewer should steer clear of discriminatory questions and topics throughout the process. According to a CareerBuilder nationwide survey (released January 14, 2016), of […]

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Cash is Trash

Good Reasons for Employers to Pay Wages by Means Other Than Cash Money Some companies develop a habit of paying employees partially or fully in cash.  This is a dangerous practice that can violate various laws, particularly if the company is not properly documenting the payments. While it is not outright illegal, there is no […]

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California Employers Must Take Care To Avoid Document Dumping Into a Single File Folder   What constitutes personnel filing can vary wildly from company to company.  An alarmingly high volume of California employers are content to maintain a single file folder for each worker, the repository for any and all documents management deems relevant to […]

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