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The Consequences of Failing to Reasonably Accommodate Worker Disability: What happens when an employer ignores requests from a disabled employee for reasonable accommodation? In one recent case, a $3 million jury verdict was the result. Caltrans analyst, John Barrie, sued his employer for failure to accommodate his severe allergies to chemicals, such as cleaning agents and […]

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California Employers Must Post Certain Updated Workplace Notices by July 1, 2017: All California employers must prominently post certain notices on wages, hours and working conditions. Employers must display these announcements where all employees have access. Failing to inform employees of their rights can subject an employer to penalties. Several California statewide and local notices must […]

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Expanding Policy and Notice Requirements to Protect Employees

PREVENTING WORKPLACE HARASSMENT – California’s Guidelines and Mandatory Measures: California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the state agency responsible for enforcing the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), has released a new employer guide and an updated sexual harassment brochure to further assist California employers in developing effective anti-harassment programs. According to DFEH Director […]

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Los Angeles Hiring Practices

APPLICANT CRIMINAL HISTORIES – New Information Restricting Los Angeles Hiring Practices: The City of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works, Bureau of Contract Administration recently published frequently asked questions (FAQs) to assist employers in applying its Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring Ordinance (FCIHO) that went into effect January 22, 2017. For more on this ordinance, […]

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California Employers May Not Require “On-Call” Rest Breaks: California businesses have a well-established duty to provide their employees a “net” ten-minute paid rest break for every four hours worked, or major fraction thereof (i.e., anything more than two hours of work). (“Net” here means the time an employee spends reaching and returning from his/her rest […]

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Recent Supreme Court Decision Resolves Some Questions, Leaves Another:   The California Supreme Court has clarified some of the requirements for employees’ weekly day of rest while leaving another open to interpretation. Labor Code 551 and 552, respectively, provide: “Every person employed in any occupation of labor is entitled to one day’s rest therefrom in […]

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Published Industry Wage Orders Now Reflect Current and Upcoming State Minimum Wage Increases –  Have You Posted the Correct Wage Order? The California Industrial Welfare Commission’s (IWC) 18 published “wage orders” can be among the most underutilized items in an HR Manager’s toolkit. They are chock full of wage and hour regulations regarding overtime wages, meal […]

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