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What’s New for 2018 – Salary History

SALARY HISTORY IS NO LONGER A FACTOR FOR HIRING IN CALIFORNIA: New Law Also Requires Special Caution When Applicant Volunteers Such Info;   Effective January 1, 2018,  new Labor Code section 432.3 will prohibit all California employers from relying on salary history information as a factor in offering an applicant employment or in what salary to offer. […]

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Jack in the Box Operator Must Pay $900,000-Plus for Misclassifying Managers Exempt from Overtime:   Nor-Cal Venture Group, Inc., the owner of 26 Jack in the Box franchises in California, is one of the recent targets of the Labor Commissioner’s public campaign for employers to heed this state’s wage and hour laws. The commissioner’s Division of Labor […]

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Restaurant Hit with $274,000 In Assessments and Penalties For Underpaid and Unreported Workers: The California Labor Commissioner continues to promote her department’s aggressive pursuit of employers who do not comply with wage and hour laws. In August, she targeted a Chula Vista restaurant, Dorantes, Inc., doing business as La Querencia, for back pay to six workers totaling […]

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Harassment Prevention Training – Schedule Now

November 2017 Sex Harassment Training Seminar:   California law requires California employers with 50 or more employees or independent contractors to provide mandatory sexual harassment prevention and investigation training to their supervisors every two years. Newly hired supervisors who have not otherwise received this training during the preceding two year period or individuals who are promoted […]

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Employee “Marital Status” is Protected; An Employee’s Rocky Marriage is Not: California is one of some 21 states prohibiting workplace discrimination against “marital status,”  defined in government regulations as an individual’s “state of marriage, non-marriage, divorce or dissolution, separation, widowhood, annulment, or other marital state.” In California, a “spouse” is a partner in marriage, regardless […]

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