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Management-side employment law

California continues to expand on its already extensive laws touching every aspect of the workplace. The state has been a pioneer in the development of worker protections against discrimination, harassment and retaliation. With its full-time legislature creating new rules every year, California is also a national leader in regulating wages, overtime, rest and leave time, privacy rights, and numerous other aspects of working life.

Management ignorance of such standards is of course no excuse for not complying with them. “Knowledge is power” and “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” may be clichés but they are also true. Regular and continuing employer education in workplace legal basics is not only essential to bare business survival but also to its expansion.

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An example was the manufacturing company client that had steadily grown from scratch for over two decades on the seven day/week sweat, toil and leadership of its sole owner. As sometimes happens, he came to realize that his long-term finance director – who, as it happened, had recently been warning that the company was not paying daily overtime as required in California — would never be skilled and effective at collecting the business’s receivables. For such extended incompetence, the owner was “secure” that he was well within his legal rights to fire this employee. As the company employed her “at-will,” the owner also was sure he did not need to explain his decision to this person on departure.

That management confidence evaporated when the worker promptly sued the company and the owner personally for wrongfully terminating her employment in alleged “retaliation” for her having complained about underpayment of overtime. The ensuing court battle was so prolonged and expensive that the owner eventually began planning for the bankruptcy and closure of the business. Fortunately, and with the help of a skilled mediator, the case settled before such drastic consequences. Nevertheless, the confidential settlement terms still saddled the company with payments to the worker for the next year, further crippling operations and thwarting expansion plans.

While that business eventually recovered, the whole exercise could have almost certainly been prevented if that owner was sufficiently educated to know the dangers he faced and to seek experienced legal counsel to assist the company through the process. Instead, company management learned a very expensive lesson, in effect returning from a near-death experience.

Whether a client is in such a crisis or is happily just seeking to put measures in place to avoid such disasters, our 100 combined years of problem-solving experience as top employment lawyers can protect your interests, assets, and livelihood.

Why do we represent employers?

We help employers as they form the bedrock of economic security and stability for all, managers and workers alike. Those who create and nurture businesses hold the greatest potential rewards but of course also carry the greater risks. While a growing, thriving enterprise – geared to exchanging beneficially with its workforce – can be a source of pride for all that contribute to its success. However, without mastering the arts of hiring, personnel management, and termination as bounded by the ever-changing structures of California law, that business can become a target of a disgruntled employee, fairly or unfairly seeking advantage of the remedies available to him or her.

Bowles Law supports and represents employers because their hard work invested in creation and success of their enterprises supports the entire fabric of our society. Business owners and managers deserve the best legal services available. A workplace dispute is obviously not an end in itself. The aim – the game – is to face and assess the factors driving a dispute, to deal with the matter effectively and to get back fully to the business of business delivery.

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If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

Firm founder Timothy Bowles is an advocate for maintaining and, if necessary, restoring workplace harmony and efficiency. He seeks to empower businesses through education of management and rank-and-file workers alike on their legal rights and responsibilities. Sometimes, that education is necessary in the course of dealing with an actual or threatened claim. He also is an experienced teacher on employment basics, through public or privately arranged, custom-designed seminars for group of size.

Mr. Bowles is among the most reputed and respected lawyers in California, earning the highest possible “AV Preeminent” industry rating from his peers based on legal knowledge, experience, and judgment. He also carries Avvo’s highest possible rating of “Superb” for his experience and professional achievements, and he can be called the most knowledgeable employment lawyer in Pasadena. Numerous clients from his 40 years of practice highly regard Mr. Bowles not only for his demonstrable skills but for a certain healthy combination of humor and skepticism he brings to the job. While litigation is never painless, many business owners and managers have commented that working with Mr. Bowles is at least several steps above dental work without Novocaine.

Legal services you can count on us for

At Bowles Law, we are committed to providing professional skills and results of the highest caliber. Our legal services include assistance for management to resolve employment disputes before they “go legal,” to competently defend workplace-related litigation, and to implement sound workplace practices and policies in keeping with current law. We are dedicated and organized to provide personalized aid to companies of all sizes. Our hallmark is the consistent, focused support we provide our clients start-to-finish.


Bowles Law specializes in management-side employment law, with additional focus on certain other business-related matters:

While our clients are best served when we are able to help put in protections that avoid workplace-related lawsuits, litigation does happen. We have sustained and substantial civil court experience and success that can help you through every step of the process. Visit our “Cases” for a partial list.

Custom employee handbooks and forms

Maintaining a comprehensive and updated workplace policy manual – sometimes called an “employee handbook” – is a vital rudiment for any business, particularly in California. We are constantly revising our template policies and regularly create custom handbooks to fulfill particular client requirements.

In addition to updated standard, basic hire-to-fire forms, we also help employers draft and implement employee procedure forms to fill special needs. We have our eye not only on the regularly changing federal laws but also the nearly explosive growth of local county and city ordinances affecting minimum wage, paid sick leave and a myriad of other workplace issues. From amending a business’s existing employment policies and forms to creating new necessary ones, we can help you with anything you need.

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If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

Contact Us

If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

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