Giving Back


Firm attorneys Tim Bowles and Cindy Bamforth and their staff provide numerous hours of pro bono service to the community. The following groups are assisted by many of our staff in various formats. We support these groups as we have found they provide real solutions to the mounting difficulties our society is experiencing and have earned our support.

Youth for Human Rights International

Mr. Bowles is the volunteer Director for International Development of Youth for Human Rights International. He has been instrumental in both the creation of and implementation of human rights educational groups in India, Africa and the United States.


Foundation for a Drug Free World

The Foundation for a Drug Free World is a non-profit initiative aimed at drug education as the ultimate solution for the elimination of drug abuse and drug addiction. We have dedicated many resources to assisting this group.



Narconon is a non-profit drug rehab program dedicated to eliminating drug abuse and drug addiction through drug detoxification, education and life skills training. Mr. Bowles and our office crew have also dedicated many resources to assisting this group.


Applied Scholastics

Lack of an effective education is one of the greatest barriers to success and happiness faced by our children and, for that matter, any individual. Through its international training center in Spanish Lake, Missouri and other facilities worldwide, Applied Scholastics offers highly effective methodology that assures students competently address and apply all subject matter that comes their way. Many of our firm’s staff have contributed their labors and resources toward the expansion and effectiveness of this organization.


The Way To Happiness

It is the choices made that are the key factors in determining your happiness and quality of life. The Way to Happiness book is a simple, straightforward and direct guidebook to help individuals make positive or good choices and decisions. We have supported this organization’s groundbreaking work for many years.



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