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The Twentieth Century, and the start of the Twenty-First, have been no cakewalk. While our advances in science and technology have made possible the real prospect of a civilized world community, the reason, ethics and justice that would establish a secure society and lasting peace have been repeatedly crushed by the madness of ignorance, global war and genocide. In the past one hundred years, more people died in the cause of freedom – and at the hands of technological “advancement” – and more put to death for their religion than at any other period of recorded history.

While some say that the past century delivered lessons that have enabled a more stable and interdependent world, we need not look very far for signs to the contrary – decaying, ineffective educational systems, growing pharmaceutical dependence for emotional “stability,” and destruction of human rights and civil liberties to “fight” faceless terrorism. Unless effective and enlightened leadership prevails, these trends herald this emerging Twenty-First Century as more anguished and inhumane than the one that has just passed.

I am a lawyer – and foster and expand this firm – because human survival depends on a social framework that promotes and supports the basic rights and nature of humanity to create and change conditions for the better. We are dedicated to serving in the employment realm as our societies are engaged upon it the vast majority of time. The workplace is thus a critical setting for productive, fair and mutually beneficial human interchange.

The justice system works only when individual citizens adhere to and are accountable to the ideal of personal responsibility – responsibility for one’s own condition, for family, for community and for the human race. Through our work as trusted advisors and litigators, our law firm is committed to helping those we touch to achieve that noble and worthwhile end.

Tim Bowles
January, 2020


Tim Bowles has practiced law for over 40 years. A graduate of the University of California Berkeley (1971) and University of California Davis School of Law (1977), Tim began his career as attorney for the newly formed Delphian Foundation, an educational non-profit organization headquartered in the northwestern United States.

Tim moved his growing family to Southern California in the mid-1980s, where he served as general legal counsel to the Church of Scientology International for some eight years. During this time, through court precedent and legislation, Tim helped establish and confirm valuable protections for free religious practice and conscience in America that continue to benefit individuals from all faiths and walks of life.

During this time, Tim also helped establish several non-religious social service groups that continue to expand and bring improved conditions in important sectors, including Narconon International, a leading drug rehabilitation organization, and Applied Scholastics International, fighting illiteracy worldwide. Beginning in 2005, as Director for International Development for Youth for Human Rights International, Tim has devoted a substantial amount of pro bono time to the development of youth human rights leadership projects in Africa and America. His international volunteer work continues as development director for Applied Scholastics, spearheading its African Literacy Program in Liberia, Sierra Leone and neighboring nations for effective teacher training and learning for competence.

Over the past 20 years and more, Tim has also developed a passion for helping businesses develop strong legal basics for sound growth. Our legal services now include educational steps, effective counseling on positive resolution of disputes and result-oriented litigation defense.

Our office is some 15 miles north of Los Angeles in “Old Pasadena,” at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains and overlooking the Tournament of Roses’ annual parade route along Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard (the famous Route 66).

From our consistent delivery of quality legal services, we continue to enjoy steady expansion regardless of any transitory or prevailing economic trends.

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If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

Contact Us

If you are an employer facing possible litigation or have an employee issue on which you need immediate guidance, call us to set up a consultation, or submit your message using our contact form.

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