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Specific Written Disclosures to New Hires

Effective January 1, 2012, California Assembly Bill AB 469 will require private employers to distribute a document “in the language the employer normally uses to communicate employment-related information” to all hourly employees at the time of their hire.

The written notice must include:

  • The rate or rates of pay and basis thereof, whether paid by the hour, shift, day, week, salary, piece, commission, or otherwise, including any rates for overtime, as applicable;
  • The regular payday designated by the employer;
  • Allowances, if any, claimed as part of the minimum wage, including meal or lodging allowances;
  • The employer’s name, including any “doing business as” names used by the employer;
  • The physical address of the employer’s main office or principal place of business, and a mailing address, if different;
  • The employer’s telephone number;
  • The name, address, and telephone number of the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier; and
  • Any other information the California Labor Commissioner deems material and necessary.

The Labor Commissioner is to make available a template for employers to follow for such a document.  This new requirement does not eliminate existing employer notice rules.

Contact a California labor law attorney with any questions about compliance with and implementation of this new law.