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COVID 19-Generated Expansions to Our Model Employee Handbook and Forms

The current pandemic has been a game-changing wake-up call for us all. Our firm is proud to be helping clients through the maze of COVID-19 generated workplace laws, much of it from Congress’s hasty construction.

Accordingly, we have expanded our 2020 model employment handbook and forms to keep pace.

Our attorneys strongly suggest all employers have a well-written, up-to-date employee handbook. A current, thorough employee policy manual (handbook) and complementary written internal procedures and forms covering all major aspects of the workplace relationship permit managers and rank-and-file workers alike to know where they stand.

The court dockets are full of employment-related lawsuits that defendant companies could have prevented with clearly written and uniformly applied policy in compliance with current law.

Experience has illustrated an outdated handbook can cause its own set of problems.

We have developed and refined a wide-ranging set of model workplace policies and forms over the past two decades. Implementation will greatly improve a company’s legal protections in employment screening, hiring, training, terminations, and other related issues.

Our model forms and policies include:

  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Employee Paid Leave Rights)
  • Employment application (including releases that acknowledge an employer’s use of pre-employment tests consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and California’s constitutional privacy protection);
  • Form job description (again, setting the foundation for pre-employment use of tests);
  • Pre-employment procedures policy (properly positioning the above tests as aimed at job-related qualities rather than physical or mental disabilities);
  • Employment agreement (including confidentiality/non-disclosure of company trade secrets);
  • Alternative dispute resolution agreement (establishing private mediation and arbitration in lieu of court-filed complaints and limiting class action participation to the extent possible);
  • Meal and rest break acknowledgments (confirming employer provision of required breaks);
  • Paid sick leave policies (to comply with California’s recently enacted requirements); and
  • Termination policy, checklist and standard release (to be applied with troublesome employees for greater protection against later, frivolous suits);

Our comprehensive model employee handbook includes:

  • Conditions of company employment
  • Discrimination and harassment, prevention and handling (including new standards stemming from government response to COVID-19 conditions)
  • Employee compensation
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee job performance; mutual termination rights
  • Employee privacy expectations, employer access to employee-maintained databases and social media guidelines
  • Paid and unpaid time off
  • Job-related injury or illness
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Drug and alcohol policy; drug testing


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April, 2020