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State Agency Settles Sex and National Origin Discrimination Case for $450,0000

On July 26, 2019 the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) announced the $450,000 settlement of a sexual harassment, national origin and retaliation case against Pioneer Pines Mobile Home Park.

The complainant, a female employee of Mexican descent who lived and worked at the mobile home park, alleged her former supervisor engaged in “unwanted touching, verbal harassment and ridicule for complaining.”  Despite being aware of the unwelcome conduct, management purportedly permitted it to continue.

The complainant also alleged that certain individuals made extremely derogatory comments about people of Mexican ancestry.

After complaining about the harassment, management purportedly retaliated by reducing complainant’s schedule and ultimately terminating her employment.

In addition to the $450,000 monetary settlement, the employer agreed to implement a bilingual (Spanish and English) anti-discrimination policy, participate in anti-harassment and cultural sensitivity trainings, and hire an independent organization for four years to oversee its full compliance with all settlement terms.

As DFEH Director Kevin Kish commented, “Unlawful harassment can be based on multiple intersectional grounds, including sex and national origin, and we encourage anyone experiencing harassment at work or in their home to file a complaint.”

This lawsuit reiterates why employers should correctly and effectively respond to an employee’s discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation complaints.  In addition to implementing proper anti-harassment policy and training, employers should educate all workers and management on how to report, investigate and resolve various forms of inappropriate workplace conduct.

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