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Do You Know Your California Wage Order?

Click here for our more recent article about California Wage Orders (updated June 2, 2017).

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The California Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders regulate wages, hours and working conditions.  Employers must comply with the IWC Wage Order and California labor laws applicable to their business or industry.  For example, IWC Order 1 applies to the manufacturing industry; Wage Order 4, professional, technical, clerical, mechanical and similar occupations; Order 7, the mercantile industry; Order 12, the motion picture industry; Order 15, household occupations; and Order 16, occupations in the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries.

“WHICH IWC ORDER?  Classifications” – a pamphlet from the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), assists employers and employees in determining which IWC Order applies to a business or employee (available online at

Each California Wage Order covers regulations on topics such as:

  • Administrative, executive and professional exemptions;
  • Overtime wages;
  • Alternative workweeks;
  • Minimum wages;
  • Reporting time pay;
  • Records retention;
  • Cash shortage and breakage;
  • Uniforms and equipment;
  • Meals and lodging;
  • Meal periods;
  • Rest periods; and
  • Required posting of the order.

The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) provides copies of the 17 California Wage Orders and California’s Minimum Wage Order online at  Every California employer should know the applicable Wage Order for her/his/its business and employees and the regulations regarding wages, hours and working conditions contained therein.

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