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Harassment in the Workplace is Illegal Prevention is The Only Viable Solution

Current regulations tighten trainer qualifications and impose heightened interactivity requirements, including questions that assess learning, skill-building activities and numerous hypothetical scenarios about harassment with follow-up discussion questions.

We are offering an updated in-house, two-plus hour seminar, at your location, that will fulfill these legal requirements. With your supervisors better trained on harassment basics, this session will help you safeguard your company against lawsuits while assisting you to create better employee relations.

Conducted by one of our experienced attorneys, our seminar includes a live lecture, printed materials, PowerPoint presentation, video scenarios, quizzes and a new session-ending investigatory scenario in which all participants can apply and demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamentals in this critical field.   We will also provide certificates of attendance as documentation for your records.

The seminar topics include:

  • Types of harassment and what makes supervisors personally liable
  • Steps owners and supervisors should take to prevent company liability
  • What constitutes harassment under current state and federal laws
  • Policies employers can impose to limit employee relationships
  • Printed materials, a lecture and audio-visual presentation
  • Role playing scenarios to demonstrate skills and knowledge

By scheduled appointment, we can provide the required interactive seminar at your place of business.

Or if you have just a few employees who need this training, our Public Seminar is also available.