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When Employment Law Matters Rise

When challenging employment law issues come up for you company, what you do next can have big impacts on your company’s future and well-being. You need a guide you can trust. Our experienced attorneys are committed to building the best employment law solutions for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our firm!

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    Employment Law Attorney in Los Angeles

    The Law Offices of Timothy Bowles is an experienced firm representing employers exclusively. We work from two stark realities: First, executives and managers can become their own worse enemies out of misconception or ignorance of constantly evolving workplace laws. Second, and particularly in lawsuit-happy California, competent, experienced defense counsel is essential whether facing an employee’s good faith claim, or a worker’s attempt to sacrifice the truth and integrity to obtain an extortive settlement. With over 100 years of combined experience, Bowles  Law is a well-seasoned firm which strives to provide an unparalleled level of client communication, care and attention.

    Let Us Help You
    Safeguard Your Company’s Future

    At our employment law firm, we exclusively represents employers. We understand the challenges businesses face and how to proactively address them. We can assist you with a range of employment law issues, including:

    • Employee litigation Defense
    • Responding to worker claims of discrimination, harassment, retaliation or wrongful termination
    • Internal investigation
    • Wage-and-hour matters
    • Workplace policies
    • Employee handbook


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    Our attorneys can help you develop workplace policies tailored to prevent future conflicts.


    When internal complaints arise, we can guide you through each step of investigating them.


    If your company is sued by an employee, turn to us for vigorous protection of your interests.