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The 411 on Email and Texting Policies

With the prevalence of workplace email and texting, businesses should consider publishing sound written policies on expected etiquette and on management’s ability to access and monitor such electronic communications.   For lack of such guidelines and rules, employees should not be left with the impression that their privacy rights extend to the content of emails or texts utilizing company equipment.

Key elements of such policy include:

  • Employee Privacy – There is no reasonable expectation of privacy for the information stored on computers or other devices owned by the company.  Further, management should have the right to review any such information at any time;
  • Ownership of Information – Any information stored or transmitted a computer, mobile device, etc. owned by the company is property of the company; and
  • Acceptable Usage: Employees may only use e-mail or texting on company devices for company business.  Communications should be professional and  respectful and not degrading, insulting or bullying.

Of course, it is a good idea to require each worker to sign an acknowledgment that he or she has received such written policy and understands his/her obligations to read, duplicate and comply with it.