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What is your approach to a threatened or actual lawsuit against an employer?

From the 100-plus years of combined lawyer experience, Bowles Law’s assistance to clients under the stress of a pending or imminent suit is thorough, deliberate, aggressive and effective.  Our steps necessarily start with the confidential data and document gathering process with and from employer management.  Once armed and equipped with such foundations,  we are able to lay out all major alternative approaches to responding to and resolving the opposing party’s  allegations, including:

  • Possible informal evaluation and early resolution through negotiation or mediation or
  • The conduct of formal litigation steps intended to provide the client with the strongest possible chances of success at trial.  

All litigation – especially in the expanding realm of class action and so-called PAGA (“Private Attorney General Act”) suits – can involve potentially business-devastating crushing damages and extensive defense fees and costs.  It is an unfortunate fact that winning justice in American courts is almost always a very expensive process, with no real guarantee of victory in any event.  As such and from the outset of any case, we strive to help clients understand the economic (cost benefit) impacts versus the prospects of success in any prolonged court action.  This includes our detailed written “litigation supplement” memo clients are to consider and sign along with our standard representation agreement at the beginning of that client-attorney relationship.