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Annual Seminar for Employers Covering Employment Legal Essentials and New Workplace Laws for 2020

The approaching new year is bringing yet more significant changes in California workplace laws.

Over a day-long session in mid-January and again in February, labor and employment law specialist Tim Bowles will cover the structure and span of current workplace law from a management perspective, including the significant changes for 2020 in California. He will include:

  • Workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation protections
  • Independent contractor vs employee status (including the effects of “Assembly Bill 5”)
  • Whistleblower protections and policies
  • Why HR communication and documentation are vital
  • Hiring applications, interviews and testing
  • Minimum wage, overtime and overtime exemptions
  • Staff training, with sample policies and how to implement them
  • Workplace drug use and testing (including the effect of marijuana decriminalization)
  • Worker privacy and free speech issues
  • Sick leave polices
  • Discipline and termination basics

The seminar is a must for all business owners, executives and personnel management staff, setting the foundation for confident hiring and stable business expansion in the new year and beyond.

Emphasis is on practical application. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions on their particular legal challenges or concerns throughout the session.

Our updated model employee handbook policy and forms will be available in conjunction with this seminar.

These sessions are always well-attended, informative and, according to some, fun:

“So helpful and thorough. Very entertaining and educational. I’m not sure how Timothy managed to make legal fun, but he did!”

“Really great seminar. Mr. Bowles really breaks down these labor laws simply making it easy for the average employer to confidently grasp the main understanding of basic labor regulations. I found this very informative. I very much appreciated my experience and highly recommend.”

“The seminar was very informative. I was able to get all of my employment law questions answered and even learned new things I didn’t know I needed to know. Tim is a great speaker and I look forward to hearing him again.”

Where: TBD

When: Friday, January 24 or Friday, February 28, 2020, 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Pricing: $200 first company attendee; $175 for each additional person attending.

Lunch and snacks will be served.

To reserve your spot, please contact us at (626) 583-6600 or Seating is limited.

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