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Annual Seminar for Employers
Friday, February 23, 2024
Covering Employment Legal Essentials and New Workplace Laws

Secure your spot for our final virtual session on “what’s new” in California employment law for 2024.

The all-day session includes, among much more:

  • Hiring process, including applications, interviews, and testing;
  • Discipline and termination;
  • The essentials of written employment agreements, including restrictions on mandatory arbitration;
  • Discrimination, harassment and retaliation prevention and handling;
  • Proper compensation, paid leave and other policy issues;
  • Arbitration laws;
  • Criteria for classifying independent contractors;
  • Expanded paid sick leave requirements;
  • Off-duty cannabis protections;
  • Workplace violence prevention;
  • Bereavement leave for reproductive loss, and
  • Federal protections for pregnant workers

The session is a must for all business owners, executives and personnel management staff, the foundation for confident hiring and stable business expansion in the new year and beyond.

We emphasize practical application with attendees encouraged to seek guidance on their particular legal challenges or concerns.

We include our 2024 updated model employee handbook, policies and forms, with changes noted.

From past attendees:

“The webinar with Tim and Cindy was extremely informative. It provided knowledge that’s key to operating my business.  I enjoyed the presentation and all of the accompanying materials.  The professionalism of the attorneys and their ability to present the complexity of California employment law to all attendees was exceptional!  I will definitely recommend The Law Offices of Timothy Bowles to any business with employment law needs. – TJT

“Tim’s office makes HR matters so much easier!  We just have to do what they tell us. We order their updated hiring forms and employee handbook each year, keeping us protected with the correct up-to-date wording (since laws are always changing).  Just the hiring forms alone saved us thousands of dollars in one lawsuit.  We also take part in their yearly HR seminar, which keeps us current on new laws and the key compliance and protection points.  I HIGHLY recommend any employer to connect with Tim and his team – especially in our prevailing litigation-happy climate!” – LO

“This has been an INVALUABLE service!  Tim Bowles and staff have put together the materials and the counseling (live response to questions) that give us the data necessary to be workplace compliant on state, federal and local levels.  The seminar is worth very much more than the cost.  My team and I can’t thank you all enough for your superior product!” – TS

Friday, February 23, 2024, 9:30 – 4:30pm (break midway)

Pricing: $200 first company attendee; $175 for each additional person attending


Contact Office Manager Aimee Rosales to reserve your spot.
Email:; phone 626.583.6600.

Zoom meeting connection supplied upon registration.

February 7, 2024

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