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Workplace Policy Handbook & Forms for 2024

We have seen it way too many times.   Personnel management without Labor Code-compliant policy poses a special kind of chaos, setting up the business for expensive and potentially back-breaking litigation.

There is freedom in simplicity: the clear written workplace guidelines presented in our newly updated model employee handbook and forms.

Combined with a company’s regular internal confirmations of standard, lawful personnel and pay practices, these materials are a powerful foot forward toward efficient and productive operations.  See, We Offer an Ounce of Prevention, Make a Wage Audit a Priority  (February 15, 2024).

Updated for 2024, our model forms include:

  • Employment application and accompanying job description prototype (including key requirements for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and California’s constitutional privacy protections);
  • Pre-employment protocols (properly positioning the process to meet changing legal requirements);
  • Employment agreement (including non-disclosure of private company data);
  • Alternative dispute resolution agreement (also properly setting terms to match changing standards for private mediation and arbitration in lieu of court action);
  • Meal and rest period acknowledgments (confirming employer provision of required breaks);
  • Termination policy, checklist and standard release (to be applied as appropriate for full transition and greater protection against later, preventable suits);
  • Paid sick leave benefits under federal and California directives; and
  • Revised workforce COVID protocols.

Our comprehensive 80-plus page model employee handbook, 2024 edition, covers:

  • Conditions of company employment (including mutual “at will” termination rights);
  • Discrimination and harassment, prevention and handling (including pandemic-driven standards);
  • Employee compensation;
  • Employee benefits;
  • Employee job performance;
  • Limits of employee privacy (including valid management access to employee-maintained databases and social media guidelines);
  • Paid and unpaid leaves;
  • Workplace health and safety;
  • Job-related injury or illness (including prevention plan priorities); and
  • Drug and alcohol policy (including testing and violations procedures and standards).

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March 15, 2024

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