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New Post-Pandemic Workplace Policies

If California has been able to flatten the COVID-19 curve over the past two months, it has been by a sustained flood (pandemic?) of government directives and orders. Over the past week alone, the State of California has issued no less than 26 road maps, guidance memos, and checklists relating to workplace disease prevention. Within that time, many of the state’s major cities and counties have also published sets of updated guidelines and restrictions.

As commerce ramps back up, we have completed a set of policies and protocols to aid employers in establishing the new post-pandemic “normal” these multiple state and local orders now require.  These include:

  • COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist (updated May 14, 2020): This checklist will help an employer create its specific return-to-work plan. It lists and breaks down all critical personnel management issues and includes important government links to ensure ongoing compliance with applicable government ordinances, regulations, etc., e.g., required notice postings.
  • Infectious Disease Control Policy (updated May 14, 2020): Intended for universal workplace distribution, this policy includes vital management prerogatives and employee responsibilities for the prevention of any pandemic recurrence through the workplace, e.g., the conditions on which management can require worker medical clearance before entering the premises.
  • Hygiene and Safety Policy (updated May 14, 2020): Also intended for universal workplace distribution, this policy sets the foundation for the spectrum of on-site measures to maintain the post-pandemic health of the workforce, including sanitation, required interaction restrictions, and procedure for reasonable accommodation on disability or religious grounds.
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Act Policy (updated April 29, 2020): This policy summarizes the FFCRA’s Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Emergency Family and Medical Leave.

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May, 2020