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Employers can easily overlook the importance of job descriptions, starting as part of the hiring process. No law requires them and no explicit guidelines or instructions exist for writing them.  However, properly written and updated job descriptions can be an important tool to help management and employees fully understand the nature of each company position and how each ties in with the company’s organizational structure.

Employers should consider using job descriptions at several points throughout the employment relationship, such as during the interview process, when conducting performance evaluations or  disciplining for poor job performance, and when considering reasonable accommodations to perform a job’s essential functions.

Job descriptions usually include:

  • Job title or position
  • Concise summary of the job
  • Minimum education, experience, skills and training required for the position
  • Essential functions of the job (i.e., fundamental job duties)
  • Additional requirements of all employees such as orderliness, responsibility, initiative, and effective communication skills

Employers should also regularly update all job descriptions to eliminate outdated or irrelevant information.

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Cindy Bamforth

April 4, 2018