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Partner Cindy Bamforth Advises Conference for Work Experience Educators

The California Association of Work Experience Educators (CAWEE) is a state-wide professional association that since 1965 has been providing training and education on child labor laws and employment laws compliance, helping their members in turn to prepare their students for life within the workforce.

On October 4, 2018, our partner Cindy Bamforth participated in CAWEE’s fall conference in Burbank. Cindy presented vital information to educators and career specialists on job interview do’s-and-don’ts. She also covered legal perspectives on topics such as:

  • Protected Classes
  • Job Applications
  • California Salary History
  • California Criminal History

The lively, interactive presentation was well received by the educators, with many questions back to Cindy. She equipped the attendees with further knowledge of state and federal employment laws and how they apply to real-life work experience.

CAWEE officials remarked that Cindy’s presentation added a valuable input to the conference with her plain-language approach to a “scary” subject.

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