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Helena is “Of Counsel” to the Law Offices of Timothy Bowles. She contributes to the firm’s continuing specialty of employment law while adding her extensive experience in copyright/ trademark and contract work. Helena also regularly assists clients in the evolving area of home care law, aiding in creation and compliance, and as applicable, registration, of home care organizations and domestic referral agencies.

Admitted to The Florida Bar in 1978 and to the State Bar of California in 1991, Ms. Kobrin began her practice in the commercial realm, handling transactional matters, banking and other government regulation, as well as real estate and probate work.

For the bulk of her career, and through the Bowles & Moxon and Moxon & Kobrin firms, she represented churches and other non-profit organizations in a large variety of areas, including copyright, trademark, and trade secret issues, contract review and drafting, bankruptcy, litigation, and dispute resolution.  She continues to enjoy helping organizations in the non-profit and religious realms.

Starting in the 1990s, Ms. Kobrin was instrumental in establishing protections for copyrights and trademarks on the Internet. She was part of the team that represented plaintiffs in the first-ever copyright infringement suit over unauthorized online postings and was featured in media interviews around the globe. That case led to the passage of the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) requiring service providers to remove copyright infringements from websites upon receiving notice, while protecting providers proactive in taking down such copyrighted material online.

Ms. Kobrin was also a speaker and participant at various early-Internet forums addressing copyright issues, including one at The Brookings Institution and a CSPAN-featured debate over how to protect copyright online while exempting proactive service providers from liability.

November, 2019