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Attorney Tim Bowles, July 2019

Tim Bowles, our lead attorney, has an extensive and successful 40-plus year history as a litigator.

A graduate of the University of California Berkeley (1971) and University of California Davis School of Law (1977), Tim mentored under some of the leading constitutional and trial lawyers of the day, representing churches of Scientology and related organizations.  During this time, through court precedent and legislation, Tim helped establish and confirm valuable protections for free religious practice and conscience in America that continue to benefit individuals from all faiths and walks of life.

Having focused on management-side employment practice since the mid-1990s, Mr. Bowles has earned a top-“AV” Martindale-Hubbell rating by his peers and judges before whom he has appeared.  He is a frequent law blogger on workplace issues and the author of the Bowles Law Report, a regular publication servicing over 20,000 recipients. Mr. Bowles is also a regular speaker for employers and professional groups, including seminars on a wide range of employment law-related subjects such as gender-based discrimination and harassment, employee pay practices and workplace dispute resolution.

From decades of experience, Tim has also developed model employment forms and workplace policy manuals adapted and in practice by thousands of employers.

Tim’s first journey into the developing world was to India and Nepal in the early 1970s, traveling through some of most poverty challenged regions of the planet. The experience affected him profoundly, witness to the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who bear the brunt of human rights deprivations and social injustices.

After some three decades of litigation work in the American courts, Tim returned to the developing world in 2005, this time to post-genocide West Africa as a volunteer for Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), an organization dedicated to teaching young people their human rights as embodied in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. He has since helped YHRI develop successful human rights education and youth leadership initiatives in Africa as well as the United States.

Beginning in 2014, Mr. Bowles has also volunteered to create and spearhead the African Literacy Project in West Africa for Applied Scholastics International, another NGO dedicated to effective, competency-based education and fighting illiteracy worldwide.

October, 2019