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Required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for California Businesses

Every two years, California employers who employ fifty or more employees, including temps and independent contractors, must provide two hours of sexual harassment prevention training to all supervisory employees.  The training must be interactive and cover all aspects of harassment awareness, prevention and resolution.  Our upcoming training seminars are updated on the current law and enable employers to comply with the legal requirements.

An employer that fails to provide the required training is at increased risk of liability in the event of workplace harassment claims. Trained managers are more capable of detecting and thus either preventing or resolving problems before they spiral out of control.

Our seminar includes:

  • A live lecture with printed materials
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Video demonstrations of unlawful conduct
  • A session-ending investigatory scenario in which all participants can apply and demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamentals in this critical field

Seminar topics include:

  • What constitutes unlawful harassment under current federal and California law;
  • The major types of sexual harassment, including the circumstances that will render supervisors personally liable for their actions;
  • The steps all supervisors should take to prevent company liability, including possible punitive damages;
  • The workplace policies an employer can impose to place reasonable limits on romantic relationships between employees; and
  • The major do’s and don’ts in fielding a sexual harassment complaint

To sign up your company’s supervisors for an upcoming seminar, visit our website.