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How Not to Make a First Impression

Human resources professionals have limited time and attention to review job resumes. According to an August 24, 2018 nationwide CareerBuilder survey of more than 1,100 industry-wide hiring managers and HR professionals, the majority spend less than a minute looking over the typical offering.

According to the survey, job-seekers thus eager to stand out from the crowd have ill-advisedly submitted resumes:

  • With every sentence typed in a different font type;
  • Comprised of a single sentence;
  • Claiming to have had the same number of marriages as prior jobs;
  • Listing 40 different jobs in one year;
  • Consisting of a credit application; and
  • Asserting the same employment dates for every job listed

The surveyed professionals identified three common resume errors/deal breakers: (i) spelling mistakes or bad grammar (77 percent); (ii) inappropriate email address (35 percent); and (iii) no mention of quantifiable results (34 percent).

All joking aside, hiring managers must avoid making mistakes during the job application process such as:

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Cindy Bamforth

October 3, 2018